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Radio Interviews

Interview with Marcia Campbell on WSM's All Nighter (650am) aired October 15, 2017.

Interview with Joe Posznek on Radio Nowhere.

Interview with Artie Martello on Mostly Folk aired September 9, 2017.

Interview with John Sillberg on Small Time Radio Show aired September 3, 2017. Skip to 26:25 to listen.


    1. Medicine Wheel / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time
    2. Interview Barbara Jo Kammer (phone) - Part 1
    3. Choices / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time  
    4. Interview - Part 2
    5. The Winning Side / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time
    6. Interview - Part 3
    7. I Can See Clearly Now / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time

    Interview in "The Message"

    I asked myself what am I most passionate about? ...my recovery and that’s what I could write about. [ . . . .] The relationship between my sobriety and my creativity is that it is all one. I can’t do one without the other.
    — Barbara Jo Kammer, "Creativity and Sobriety"

    Read Barbara Jo Kammer's full interview with Liza W. on "The Message," Boulder County's Al-Anon community newsletter.

    Reviews for "One Song at a Time" (2017)

    Kammer’s original “The Winning Side” chronicles her reflection of how far she’s come in the ten years since putting drugs and alcohol aside. This is a track brimming over with gratitude and even the often sad cry of fiddle and steel guitar take on a very different hue here. They are more elegiac, mindful of the long road that made this song possible, and contribute to a rich musical tapestry.

    The songs [. . .] underscore Kammer’s skills as an interpreter of worthy material from others, a lost art in an age when anybody wielding an acoustic guitar is automatically presumed to compose her own songs. It helps, too, that the album has an excellent producer, KC Groves, a founder of the late, lamented all-female stringband Uncle Earl. Groves, Kammer and the accompanying musicians work their way through an intelligent selection of numbers. The effect is a sort of splitting of the difference between Linda Ronstadt in her prime and the 1960s Judy Collins; in other words, the cuts range from country to folk to bluegrass, sometimes fusing them in evocative ways.
    — Jerome Clark, Rambles

    Barbara Jo brings so much joy, service and clarity to so many people...

    Barbara Jo’s voice harkens back to the best of Linda Ronstadt. She is the missing 4th member of the Trio! 

    [T]his album will awaken surrender in even the most hardened liver.
    — Annie Savage, Performer and Educator, "The Savage Hearts"

    Barbara Jo Kammers new CD” One Song At A Time” has been a long time coming but worth the wait, and weighty it is. The song selection itself is praiseworthy and she delivers high voltage vocals that will make you a believer quickly and then settle you down with a soulful tender side.

    Barbara Jo is a positive upbeat maverick of sorts and righteously closes the project with her own song, “Winning Side”.

    “One Song At A Time” was skillfully produced by KC Groves and plays out tastefully thanks to a stellar cast of accomplished pickers from our Rocky Mt. region. It will find a comfy home on my twangy bluegrass radio shows .
    — Jerry Mills "Rocky Mt. Bluegrass" & "The Pickerschoice" - KRAN FM Cheyenne/KSKE FM Vail

    Barbara Jo applies her formidable vocal chops to an interesting variety of songs and pours her heart into them. The musical support and production are top-notch.
    — Pete Wernick (Dr. Banjo), Hot Rize

    If you want to be transported to the comfort of distant and better times listen to Barbara Jo Kammer. A mixture of Joan Baez, Mary Chapin Carpenter meets Kate Wolf.

    Out of a rich spacious Americana bed of sound her voice rises up like a clear torch of hope and wisdom.
    — Rebecca Folsom

    I devoured the first 6 songs [. . . .] Deliciously delightful and heartening!

    What a beautiful songbird you are and the musicians backing you are “top notch!” What heart and passion is felt through your lyrics and sonorities! [. . . .] I am moved by your story put to music!

    [I was] moved especially by Medicine Wheel [. . . .]

    Brava Bella! Well Done!
    — Lisamarie McGrath, Musician/Flutist

    Visit Lisamarie's website here.

    Electronic Press Kit

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    Press release

    "A First At 62"

    Barbara Jo Kammer has been making music for quite a while. Her career as a music therapist working with the elderly and folks suffering from addiction keeps her quite occupied. When she’s not doing that, she entertains guests at the local coffee house with band, The Hippie Buckaroos.

    “It’s been a dream come true,” she told us recently, referring to getting to record her very first CD ever, at the age of 62. She proudly shared that she’s been in recovery from alcohol addiction for 10 years now, and hopes that her own journey and celebration in recovery through music can provide inspiration to others.

    Her CD, scheduled to come out in September is called, One Song At A Time. “It’s never too late to follow your dream,” she said. “And I feel like I living it, right now. It’s an amazing opportunity to make a debut solo album at this stage of my life.”

    “It’s only because of my recovery and sobriety that I have this opportunity,” she stressed. “If I can do it, anybody can do it. If I can give hope to someone that’s struggling, or knows someone who is, then it’s been worth it.”

    Barbara Jo even got to write her first song for the project. “I’ve never written a song before. My wonderful producer KC Groves suggested I write one for the CD.” Barbara Jo resisted at first but the Colorado resident says it was her daily walks with her dogs around a nearby lake two weeks before she went into the recording studio that inspired her to want to create a song for this project. “Each day I would go back home and write down what had come to me on the walk. Sometimes it was the melody, and sometimes it was the words. It’s the last song on my album and I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have that on there.”