Thank you Amanda from Harmony Foundation for sharing my story!

“KC Groves encouraged me to write a song about my recovery early this year,” said Kramer. “This is one of the first songs I’ve written and the first to be recorded. I’m passionate about my recovery and while my journey to recovery took over 40 years, I wrote this song two weeks before going into the recording studio. I celebrated my 10 year anniversary in sobriety this past July 1, 2017. My inspiration for writing this song came through loud and clear as I walked my dogs around Waneka Lake near my home in Lafayette, CO.”

Traditional favorites and popular classics show Kammer’s versatility with a powerful voice reminiscent of greats like Linda Ronstadt, Joan Baez, or Mary Chapin Carpenter. The album as a whole is a true American Roots delicacy that reminds me of a beautiful Fall day in the country with sweet melodies and heart-wrenching melodies. Barbara is the perfect poster child for the mantra, “it’s never too late.” She took on adversity and met it with strength and empowerment. The journey only gets better from here and she is a force to reckoned with because she will melt your heart and lift you up with her smile, style, and sound.

—Amanda Andrews

Wenli Dickinson
WSM Nashville Today Show with Devon O’Day!

I was so happy to talk about the great things Harmony Foundation does for those suffering from addiction. From my recovery and the beautiful Waneka Lake by my house, I was inspired to write "The Winning Side." Thank you Devon for taking the time to listen and broadcast my music!

Barbara Jo Kammer
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!

Left: Lefty Frizzell exhibit including a copy of the book by brother, David Frizzell, LOVE YOU A THOUSAND WAYS. Also a photo of both Lefty and George Jones wearing the same stage ensemble… It was given to George by Lefty who told the young singer, "Boy, if you want to be a star, you got to dress like one."

Right: Barbara Jo enjoying the rich history of country music in our nation.

Nashville and my interview with WSM!

It has been quite something having 2 interviews on WSM. Having a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment :-) 

So grateful to Claire Ratliff, Laughing Penguin Publicity, for the opportunity to be in Nashville on WSM 650am with Marcia Campbell (hostess with the mostest of WSM's All Nighter) and bring some of Lafayette, Colorado and Madison, Wisconsin (my two home towns) to MUSIC CITY!

Above: Some photos from my first ever trip to Nashville, the country music capital of the U.S.!

I'm also excited to be live THIS WEDNESDAY at 11:00 pm (MT) on WSM Nashville Today with Devon O'Day! Tune in!

Above: Clips from my interview on WSM. Left: video courtesy of my friend Terry Arbegust. Right: my live broadcast of my interview on WSM.

Visit my media page to listen to the audio of my interview.

Barbara Jo Kammer
Thank you Joseph Morrow for reviewing my album!
In a Cabin on the Mountain by the Pine” is definitely a throwback number that wholeheartedly embraces retro, rural imagery in order to tell its story, but it doesn’t feel so remote from our emotional experience thanks to the excellent job Kammer does bringing it to life with her voice.
— Joseph Morrow, Band Blurg

Read the full review here.

Wenli Dickinson
Thank you Indie Music Review!
The Winning Side, is a rousing testimony of gratitude for a new way of life that never comes off as fake or exaggerated.
— Robert Elgin, Indie Music Review

Read the full review here.

Barbara Jo Kammer
Vents Magazine review of One Song at a Time!
Every bit of her sixty two years goes into making this performance stick in listener’s consciousness and she never backs off from the song’s [‘Choices’] unforgiving truths.
— William Elgin, Vents Magazine

Read more here.

Wenli Dickinson
We had a swingin' time at ESCC!

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy some acoustic sets out on the patio! Until next time :)

Wenli Dickinson
Review on Skope!

A shout-out to Jason Hillenburg from Skope for taking the time to review my album! Your time and words are much appreciated. You can view his full review here.

Kammer’s original “The Winning Side” chronicles her reflection of how far she’s come in the ten years since putting drugs and alcohol aside. This is a track brimming over with gratitude and even the often sad cry of fiddle and steel guitar take on a very different hue here. They are more elegiac, mindful of the long road that made this song possible, and contribute to a rich musical tapestry.
— Jason Hillenburg
Wenli Dickinson
Harmony Foundation Alumni Event

I'm excited to announce that I'll be performing at the Harmony Foundation Alumni event next Friday evening, September 22nd! I hope my music continues to inspire and offer support to those affected by addiction. The Harmony Foundation provides treatment for addiction and a lasting relationship for alumni to celebrate recovery.

Please visit their website to view the event details and to register!

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.40.34 PM.png
Wenli Dickinson
Thank you Top Country Hits from Uruguay!

I am so thankful for my listeners worldwide. Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to my message and I hope that it inspires you. A special thanks to Raúl Tejeiro of Top Country Hits in Uruguay for playing my music! You can check out his website here.

¡Gracias a Raúl Tejeiro de Top Country Hits por reproducir mi música! Puede escuchar a su estación aquí.

Wenli Dickinson
Tune into the Hootenanny Cafe!

The Hootenanny Cafe, hosted by Jon Stein, aired songs from my solo debut album! Visit The Hootenanny Cafe on WTBQ to listen!

On Monday, Sept 4, The Hootenanny Cafe celebrates Labor Day and the end of summer in style. What better way than with some sizzling hot Bluegrass. My featured artist is the outstanding bluegrass gal: BARBARA JO KAMMER. She has got a story and a journey to tell through her music.
— John Stein, Hootenanny Cafe
Wenli Dickinson
Listen to Barbara Jo's music and interview on Small Time Radio!

Aired on Small Time Radio Show on September 3, 2017. Skip to 26:25 to listen.

Contents at 26:25

  1. Medicine Wheel / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time
  2. Interview Barbara Jo Kammer (phone) - Part 1
  3. Choices / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time  
  4. Interview - Part 2
  5. The Winning Side / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time
  6. Interview - Part 3
  7. I Can See Clearly Now / Barbara Jo Kammer / One Song At A Time
Wenli Dickinson
Shoutout to Steve Forman for our friendship spanning back 40 years and his support of my music career. Please check out his website!
40 years ago I had the pleasure of playing guitar in a band with the wonderful Barbara Jo Kammer. She had great versatility, and in those years we ranged freely across genres, including country, blues, pop, and straight out rock and roll! Not long after that she moved to her core – [classic country, folk, bluegrass, and Americana] – and her new album is awesome in its mix of songs, musicianship, and overall soulfulness. As a professional jazz musician over these many years, I congratulate my old friend on creating music that is so meaningful, artful, and just plain enjoyable!
— Steve Forman

Wenli Dickinson