I know first hand all about addiction.  I struggled for over 40 years before “surrendering“ and going into treatment at Harmony Foundation in Estes Park, Colorado.  The month-long program at Harmony gave me my jumpstart into sobriety.  I was able to give up “the fight” as I say in my song, “The Winning Side.“  I surrendered to win!  

I am living, breathing, and SINGING proof that recovery—one day at a time—is possible.  

My mission through my music is to offer hope to all who suffer with addiction or have a loved one in need.

I am available to provide inspiration and comfort through music.  If you have a facility or an event where I could possibly help, please reach out and contact me

MY NEW Album:

The Indiegogo campaign to help finance the album was successful. Thanks to all who participated - with your generous contributions, the album has been recorded, and is now in production!

Listen to some audio samples here.

And you can now purchase a CD or download the music!

More from Barbara Jo and her mission through her music: